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5 Things I Realized Only After I Got A White Dining Table

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5 Things I Realized Only After I Got A White Dining Table

There were numerous thought that went through my head when I was buying a white dining table. To sum it all up, I was convinced I was making a huge mistake, and I can only say that I am glad I was wrong. Here are five things I realized only after I have bought a white dining table and brought it home.


My Home Looks Bigger!

After I got a white dining table for my home I have realized that my dining room looks way bigger than it used to be! In addition to that it has added some of its unique charm and appeal to my home, but it has also made my dining room classier and really well-put together. Had I known that this would be the effects of having a white dining table, I would probably have gotten one years ago! My otherwise very modest home suddenly looks like it belongs in an interior design magazine, and I couldn’t be more proud of it!

It’s Really Easy To Maintain!

A white dining table is one of those furniture pieces that is really easy to maintain and keep in great shape, for me this is an essential characteristic of a dining table. I do not like having to wipe my dining table each time someone places a finger on it, and with a white dining table I absolutely don’t even have to! From time to time I certainly wipe it, but on most days it is really just incredible-looking all on its own!

White Is Empowering, Yet Not Over-Powering

The color of the dining table is incredibly important, since it can make all the difference in the design of your entire room if not your entire home! Personally, I simply love white furniture since it looks very calm and it simply owns the room without even trying. In addition to that it is not over-powering and or drowning in the rest of my furniture. This way I have a feeling that all my furniture pieces are really working well together and giving a unique appeal to my home.

My Home Looks Cleaner

Since I got a white dining table my home has been looking really clean. I gathered it is the white color that makes this possible. Therefore, even when my dining room is a complete mess and even when my home is in utter chaos, my home somehow still looks calm, serene and a lot cleaner than it used to look when I did not have a white dining table.

People Love It! (And It Makes Me Feel Like An Interior Designer Goddess!)

I love homes, interior design and everything that has to do with homes. Still, I am sometimes very much uncertain of my bold designer choices. The fact that my family and friends simply loved the white dining table actually made me feel like a goddess of interior design! And this is what makes me fall even more in love with my table!

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